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The OMG Process

At Opry Medical Group, our goal is to make getting the supplies you need as simple and hassle-free as possible.

The following are the steps that we take when you place your first order with Opry Medical Group. We handle all the paperwork for you, and the entire process is as simple as it can be!

A quick explanation of these steps is also available in our order process.

When you place your order online or over the phone, we’ll ask for:

  • Your name, address, date of birth and phone number.
  • The information listed on your health insurance card and any secondary or supplemental health insurance information, including policy or identification number, group number and health insurance plan’s phone number.
  • Your diagnosis or underlying condition (some health insurance providers request this information).
  • Your doctor’s name and phone number, or that of the doctor treating your condition and your primary care physician.
  • A valid e-mail address.

Once we receive this information, we will:

  • Contact your doctor to verify your prescription.
  • Contact your health insurance provider to verify your coverage information.
  • Contact you if we have any questions regarding your order.

The entire verification process at Opry Medical Group is handled within 24 hours and may only take up to 4 business days when your order requires prior authorization to be complete. You should then receive your order within 1-3 business days, following processing. Once your account is set up, future orders will usually ship within 1-3 business days, and as long as there are no changes to your account information.

Please note: If Prior Authorization is needed or other issues arise with collecting the needed information to place your order delays are inevitable.

To make ordering even more convenient, Opry Medical Group offers online ordering 24/7, as well as our free Oprycare service, which will send you reminders when it’s time for your reorder

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