Doorstep Delivery

Delivery at Your Doorstep

Take advantage of Opry Medical Group’s nationwide distribution network and ship individual orders directly to your patients’ homes.

We carry the stock and do all the legwork here for you – simply place the order for the patient’s prescribed equipment, and we fulfil the order and ship to your patient using USPS obtaining delivery confirmation.

Personalize the packing slip to keep that customer connection and help promote your business.

  • Reduce or even eliminate shipping, inventory and warehouse space
  • Eliminate related costs like spoilage, fuel, insurance and fleet maintenance
  • Decrease additional labor costs in shipping and receiving
  • Serve your patients more quickly, with our expedited delivery module
  • No setup or implementation fees to begin purchasing from us
  • Get Your Patients coverage verified instantaneously.
  • Get product availability in real time.
  • Reduce or eliminate price adjustments resulting from manual entry, duplicate order entry and more
  • Get direct-to-patient email notifications when orders ship
  • File your claims faster with advanced shipping notices and delivery notifications.