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Opry Medical Group is an all-inclusive DME provider and an expert medical practice consulting firm

We build a relationship first, and the work comes after that. No matter where you’re located or what kind of medical practice you have, you’ll always know we’re here to answer questions. We’ve got your back, you don’t operate in a VACCUM, and neither do WE. We want to take some work off your plate, but we also want to make sure you’re as involved in the process as you need to be.

Cost to Bill

While most revenue management companies only focus on submitting claims and tracking reimbursement, Opry Medical Group looks at your ENTIRE operation. This includes patient flow, efficiencies, contracts, marketing and more to maximize your practice potential, all of this results in Increased cash flow. So not only can we save you money in overhead and “Cost to Bill”, we improve the overall performance of the entire revenue cycle as well.

Insurance Verifier

OMG's insurance verification service gets you insurance eligibility in real time or batch to identify active, service type, copay, detectable, COB and billable coverage.

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Prior Authorization

Know which patient requires and submit cleaner claims by ensuring that all relevant prior authorization requirements are met prior to claims submission.

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Medical Practice & Facility Billing

With Opry Medical Group's stellar billing services keep your practice up to date by collecting as quickly as possible.

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The Profitability Index

We employ experts in all aspects of medical practice management along with DME/ Ambulatory surgery and physician billing. Our additional access to strategic resources enables us to help clients improve their profitability and maintain patient satisfaction, we integrate seamlessly with your practice. Simply put, we get you paid and handle all things insurance from Authorizations & Audits to Billing & Payments.

With Opry’s Multitude of Revenue Cycle Management solutions to hospitals, home healthcare companies and physician practices, it is our goal to help them focus on what they do best, which is providing state of the art patient care.

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The OPRY Advantage

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