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Opry Medical Group is a full service online breast pump provider. As a Board Accredited Provider, Opry Medical Group strives to provide best in line of industrial grade breast pumps as a critical aid to the new moms.

We are delighted in supporting mothers through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which requires health plans to cover breastfeeding support and supplies.

We ensure that mothers get the best quality breast pumps supplies with little or no out of pocket cost.

We are In-network with most commercial insurance companies, and will help you choose the right breast pump covered by your health insurance plan. We will work with your insurance company to determine benefits for your insurance covered breast pump and file an insurance claim on your behalf. We will obtain a prescription from your physician to meet the requirements of your health insurance provider. If your insurance company does not cover a breast pump, we will work with you to find you the best option.

Our main objective at Opry Medical Group is to ensure that the process of obtaining an insurance covered breast pump is a cake walk for all the mothers. Rest assured, we will take care of the administrative process so you can focus on yourself and your baby.

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We carry the best breast pump brands

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Breast Pumps Supplies Covered By your Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires most health insurance plans to cover breast feeding support and supplies. This means you could receive your breast pump and supplies at no cost.

The ordering process is fast and easy:

Step 1:  Complete and submit the order form below.

Step 2:  We will contact your insurance company and inform you of coverage for your pump.

Step 3:  We will request a prescription from your doctor and submit required paperwork to your insurance.

Congratulations! We will ship your pump directly to your home. FREE SHIPPING!

Foot Note:

  • Breast pump brand availability is subject to insurance coverage allowable.
  • All items stocked are double electric breast pumps.
  • No rental pumps available.


These are some websites you can visit for additional information about the provisions regarding breast pumps under the Affordable Care Act. About the Affordable Care Act Law What are my breastfeeding benefits? Medela ACA Resources Ameda ACA ResourcesHygeia ACA Resources

Your insurance will require a prescription from your doctor if you are using your insurance to purchase your breast pump. A prescription is not required if you choose to purchase a retail pump or accessories.

We will verify your insurance within 24 hours of receiving your order and physician’s prescription. Shipping of your pump will depend on your insurance companies guidelines and it may be required to wait until at least 30 days prior to your due date to ship your pump. Customer Service will advise you of any guidelines your insurance company has on when you may receive your pump. Shipping times from our warehouse can vary from 1 – 5 business days.

We offer breast pump upgrades for Medela, Hygeia, and Ameda. Most insurance companies will pay for a basic model double electric breast pump.  If you prefer a more deluxe model, additional costs may apply if you choose to upgrade your pump.

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If you need medical equipment or supplies to assist with your health or mobility, we can help you receive it through insurance!

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