OpryCare is a service provided by Opry Medical Group to help ensure you don’t run out of supplies. Once enrolled in OpryCare, you will receive a reminder call and/or e-mail indicating that your next order is ready to be confirmed. You’ll need to confirm your order either by phone or complete checkout online before your order can be shipped.

Please note, you must confirm your order for us to begin processing and shipment.

Prior to when your next order is due, we’ll call or send e-mails to remind you that it’s time to confirm your order for shipment. You can let us know which contact method is best for you.

After you’ve confirmed your order by phone or completed checkout online, we will begin processing, according to your health insurance plan requirements.

If you confirmed your order prior to your expected ship date, it will ship on or around the expected ship date. If you confirmed late, your order will most likely arrive after the original, scheduled date. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and/or a phone call when it’s on its way.

Your order will be delivered to you quickly – typically within 2-3 business days.

To ensure you receive supplies at just the right time, OpryCare will adjust your next order’s scheduled ship date based on the date your last order actually shipped, saving you time and hassle.

You can make changes to your OpryCare schedule(s) at any time by calling OpryCare @ +1 (866) 996-8199, as long as the quantities ordered fall within your doctor’s prescribed usage.

You’ll need:

  • The names or item numbers of the items you would like to schedule for OpryCare.
  • The date you would like to receive your first order.
  • How often you would like to receive your future orders (every one month, three months, etc.) Most health insurances will allow you to order three months of supplies. Typically, patients prefer this, as they only have to re-order supplies twice or once in a year!

No. You can make changes to your Oprycare scheduled order at any time prior to shipment. We will also e-mail or call you before shipping to make sure the order is correct.

Yes! To change a future OpryCare schedule, you can adjust it online or call Customer Service. We will be reaching out to you to confirm your order via e-mail or phone, so you can also make any changes you need to when you check out online or when you speak to us.

Yes, you can add, change and delete items from that order when you check out online or when we call you to confirm.

Your health insurance provider has certain guidelines that may affect how long it takes to process your order. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Having an updated Physician’s Written Order (a prescription) on file
  • Obtaining a new prior authorization.
  • Verifying and updating this information can take several days. If one of these requirements delays your order, or if you simply confirm your order late, your next ship date will be later. The OpryCare service adjusts your next order’s expected ship date based on when your most recent order actually shipped.

You can remove an item from an order for one time only during shipment, or remove it from your OpryCare schedule, altogether.

If you no longer wish to use OpryCare, and would like to cancel your enrollment, you may cancel any or all of your OpryCare schedules with just an email  “Cancel all future shipments” to info@oprymedicalgroup.com Or You may also call us at +1 (866) 996-8199 to cancel your enrollment.

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